bulletMunicipality of Anchorage Health Department for septic and well permits
bulletMunicipality Records Search Look for existing lot records here
bulletAnchorage Live.com Source for general lot record information
bulletState of Alaska Well Log File Look for well log information here
bulletDan Friedman's National Septic Information Site
bulletAnchorage Tank (lots of information on septic systems and tanks)
bulletOrenco Systems (we use their products)
bulletInfiltrator Systems (gravel-less leach chamber)
bulletBiocycle Treatment Systems An alternative for Low Percolation soils.
bulletGreer Tank (volume calculator for tanks)
bulletMunicipality of Anchorage building safety land use permits
bulletSeptic Tank Maintenance everything you wanted to know about your tank (and more)
bulletGreat Land Realty for real estate information in Eagle River
bulletThe Septic Protector  for general information on septic systems