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The Municipality of Anchorage presently requires a Land Use Permit for new construction of a home or certain changes to a home or lot.

Unless the home is on public sewer or water, the Land Use Permit requires a well and/or septic system permit prior to issuance. There is also the requirement of a Survey Plot Plan by a Registered Land Surveyor. ERES can arrange for the survey plot plan, excavate the test holes and perform the percolation test necessary for a land use permit. 

The survey plot plan usually requires the owner to provide the proposed foundation plan and to stake out approximate house corners and driveway location on the lot prior to the survey. The surveyor will then locate these positions on the drawn plot plan along with test hole locations, home setbacks to lot line, drainage features and required lot elevations. Typically lot corners are flagged if found during the course of the survey. If the homeowner does not know where lot corners are located then sometimes it is a good idea to have the boundary of the lot surveyed and flagged prior staking out the house location on the lot. We will then help decide the best location for the house, driveway, well and septic systems.

Below are Municipal Title 21 Land Use Permit Regulations.

21.15.050 Land Use Permit

A. In the area of the Municipality that is not subject to the Uniform Building Code under Section 23.05.030, no person may:

1. Construct a building whose floor area is 100 square feet or greater;

2. Excavate more than 300 cubic feet on any lot or tract;

3. Fill or grade more than 900 cubic feet on any lot or tract; or

4. Change the principal use of a building;

without obtaining a land use permit therefor in accordance with is Section.

B. An application for a land use permit shall be submitted to the Administrative Official. The application shall include:

1. The written application form provided by the Administrative Official; which shall include:

a. Legal description and dimensions of the property;

b. The zoning of the property;

c. The name and address of the owner of the property; and

d. A description of the use or structure that is subject to the application.

2. The following information, and any additional information which the Administrative Official shall require as applicable to determine whether the permit should be issued:

a. A lot survey certified by a professional land surveyor registered in the State of Alaska, showing:

1. lot dimensions;

2. dimensions of proposed and existing structures, including projections;

3. the names and widths of the rights of way adjacent to the property;

4. site drainage, including creeks, major drainages and other water bodies on or adjacent to the property;

5. easements;

6. parking areas;

7. building corner and lot corner elevations;

8. scale and north arrow;

b. Building floor plan, elevation and cross-section drawings, drawn to scale and sufficiently detailed to show whether the building conforms to this Title.

c. A copy of the on-site septic system permit for the property, where such a permit is required by law.

C. The Administrative Official shall grant the permit if he finds that the structure, or use of land or a structure, that is the subject of the application conforms to this Title, the regulations promulgated under this Title, and the terms and conditions of the other entitlements issued under this Title that apply to the use or structure.

D. Every land use permit shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the property for which is was issued, in the form of an 82 by 11 inch poster card issued by the Administrative Official.

E. A land use permit may not be assigned or transferred. A land use permit expires 180 days after its issuance if the permitted use or construction has not commenced on the site.


The well and septic site plan required for a permit is provided after test holes are excavated and a perc test(s) is performed. The number of holes and design depends on soil ratings, water table, lot shape, neighbor well location, etc.. Listed below are the site plan criteria required by the MOA for a well and septic permit:


1. A site plan, bearing the original signature and stamp of an engineer, drawn to standard engineering scale but not smaller than 1:100. The site plan shall show:

a. The location of the on-site well and all components of the on-site wastewater disposal system including but not limited to all piping and manholes, septic tank or holding tank, lift station, cleanouts, standpipes, the subsurface disposal fields(s) including all attendant piping, and the replacement subsurface disposal field.

b. Measured dimensions of the on-site wastewater disposal field and distribution piping.

c. Measured distances to all wastewater disposal systems, wells, surface water or drainage courses, roads, property lines and structures within 200' of the location of any existing or proposed in-site wastewater disposal system(s).

d. The locations of all soils, percolation or watertable tests.

e. A description of the topography, areas of excessive slope, and extent of slopes and surface drainage patterns within 100' of any part of the system or portion of the lot intended for use for on-site wastewater disposal.


The above information is incorporated into a design drawing, soil log(s) and narrative which can then be submitted to the MOA for review and approval. It typically requires 2-3 weeks to schedule, perform the work, obtain a 7 day water monitor and design the system. It may be necessary to return to the site to excavate additional test holes after a preliminary design is determined.

Once the well or septic permit is obtained, this is delivered to the Public Works Dept. (Tudor Rd.) along with the surveyor's plot plan and your detailed building plans for a Land Use Permit. The fee depends on the size of construction. We have found that it is more cost effective for the owner or their general contractor to process the Land Use Permit paperwork and we don't process this material unless by special request on an hourly rate. 

Note: Above copied from MOA Title 21 Land Use Regulations.

Please call the Municipality at 786-8160 (Land use) or 343-4744 (well and septic) for additional information.

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