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bulletEstablished since 1985 in Eagle River
bulletLocal community knowledge of soils and drainage patterns
bulletKnowledge of local codes and regulations
bulletInnovative leachfield design

Residential Engineering Capabilities

Percolation Testing

Eagle River Engineering has 18 years collective experience in percolation testing for leachfield design. We are committed to providing the most experienced and expedient soil testing capabilities. 

Well and Septic Design

Design is handled by our staff of qualified engineers. We have many years of experience in the work we undertake and schedule our projects so that there are few time conflicts. Well and septic designs are done on a routine basis.
Health Approvals, Well and Septic Testing - order online now
Municipal Health approvals, required when a home sells, are accomplished  using years of experience and state of the art equipment. Eagle River Engineering Services is experienced in all aspects of well testing for both flow rate and water quality.  We also provide second opinions for testing services. If you require a well and/or septic test, explore the links highlighted for more information, price quotes and to order testing online. Our Testing Procedures and a separate Testing Tips will provide useful information to prepare you for this important step in your home sale or refinance.

Survey Plot Plans 

Plot plans are required for all new construction and some remodeling or additions to obtain a land use permit. Thru our associates we can provide the necessary surveying and septic permit for a plot plan. We have prepared a page for more information on Plot Plans relating to land use permits.

Fill Permits

Placing more than 50 cubic yards of earth fill material requires a fill permit firm the Municipality. We can provide the surveying and necessary permitting for this process.

All plan drafting is accomplished by computer allowing for expedient plan changes as required by our client.
Fees for services that we routinely accomplish can be quoted at a fixed fee flat rate so you know what the cost will be. Other jobs are more effectively performed on a time and materials basis. ERES has enough experience to provide fixed fee's that are not exceeded unless there are very unusual circumstances. Please check our Residential fixed fee rate sheets for Well and Septic testing and Septic system design .
Up To Date Information

As part of a qualifications based job acceptance program, we do not engage in projects that for which we do not have adequate experience. We make it a point to keep up to date on current rules, regulations and technological developments for our areas of expertise. You can review some of that information we have put together right here on our web site to help you with your project decisions.  
bulletSelling your home, well and septic testing requirements by the Municipality.
bulletWhat we do when we test your home well and septic.
bulletHow to prepare for a well and septic test, helpful tips.
bulletLeachfield failed what are your options?
bulletSeptic Tanks, how do they work?
bulletBuying a lot, what to be aware of regarding well and septic issues prior to your purchase.
bulletBuilding a new home, what are the steps necessary for a well and septic permit.
bulletLand use permit process ,required prior to building, an overview.
bulletERES Qualifications for well and wastewater design and testing.
bulletTo Order Testing Services Online

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