Project Status

Dear Prospective Client:

Thank you for this opportunity to present our qualifications to perform engineering work in the area of onsite water and wastewater testing and design. Eagle River Engineering Services (ERES) is a licensed Alaskan civil engineering firm established in 1985 and headquartered in the Municipality of Anchorage. ERES has special certifications by both DHHS and ADEC in the area of on-site water and wastewater design. Our firm typically employs one registered engineer, one staff engineer, civil engineering technician/draftsman, and clerical support staff. We consider our firm to be a specialist in residential water and wastewater treatment design area.


ERES can offer the following specific qualifications:


Pertinent Experience. During the past 18 years, ERES has tested over 800 well and septic systems in Southcentral Alaska. The majority of these were located in the Municipality of Anchorage. We have a wealth of experience in well flow testing, water quality sampling, evaluation of leachfield absorption capacities, and leachfield effluent treatment systems. Our staff is thoroughly familiar with the Municipal record system, and has participated with the Municipality in past projects including design, testing, evaluation, and development of technical specifications for the current intermittent sand filter system.

Strong Management. Chris Wood, P.E. of ERES is the owner and project manager. Mr. Wood has 9 years of relevant Alaskan experience, with 4 years experience as a professional design engineer. He is a lifetime Alaskan resident with a Bachelors or Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. 

Qualified Personnel. Our project team consists of Chris Wood as project manager with a support staff of engineering and technical personnel. Routine data input and testing is accomplished by staff personnel under the direct supervision of a registered engineer.

Computer Capabilities. ERES utilizes a networked computer system with CAD Land Desktop and Tripod Data Systems software with full size plotter output.

Equipment.  Our testing equipment includes state of the art well sonar, well probes and calibrated flow meters. Topcon auto levels.

ERES is interested in continuing to providing professional services to the Eagle River and adjacent areas. We are acquainted with all personnel of the Municipal Health and Human Services and State of Alaska-DEC, and have worked with them through the years in the process of obtaining wastewater permits and approvals.

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