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2003 Flat Fee Schedule (Rev. 10/03 winter rates)
Complete New Single Family Residence Construction
(Well, Septic, Plot Plan, Asbuilt, Final Approval)

1. Test hole excavation- first hole $650 , Each additional hole - as required $225

(Additional fees for excavation if it is required to haul to a mountainous or remote location, build a road into lot due to terrain and lot size or if frozen ground encountered)

2. Soil percolation test - first $575

Each additional percolation test - as required $250

3. Site plan and design for MOA septic permit $595

(Includes 7 day ground water monitor) 

4. Construction inspections (3) and Inspection Report to MOA/DEC $595

Each additional inspection as required $150

5. MOA Permit Fees: Well & Septic

Well Only $150
Septic Only
Permit combined $ 550
Permit Renewal $100

6. Survey lot staking or plot plan and asbuilt, site specific $ 300-700 
(dependant on lot size and subdivision difficulty)

7. Water Samples - Coliform & Nitrate $ 175

(Shock chlorination, if required $125 )

8. MOA Health Authority Approval Fee $ 375



Site meeting prior to test hole excavation, if requested by client $ 150
Curtain drain design and waivers, on a time and materials basis $ 250 minimum
Non-conventional system design will be on a time and materials basis
RUSH $100 per trip, as requested by Client
RUSH permit, $150 to Municipality for rush handling.

Testing of existing well/septic systems may be necessary for MOA/DEC approval.


WINTER Access and frost depth will determine feasibility of work. Additional charges may be incurred depending on difficulties associated with winter work.

NOTE These rates are for Eagle River area only, Anchorage is on a different rate schedule. Number of test holes for septic design depends on soil conditions and may require one to three holes. By current regulation the replacement leachfield is designed at time of new construction for undeveloped lots. Variations of above may occur, we will quote specific jobs. Inspection rate is for inspection of MOA DHHS licensed contractors only. All upgrade septic designs require an asbuilt survey, existing record surveys may be adequate. All new construction designs require surveyed and marked lot corners if these are not readily apparent. Separation distance waivers are not included in above fees. Client requested rush jobs will incur rush fees.